Geographically Tibet is isolated from the rest of the world and in the past the mountains were like a huge fence between the outside world. Now, 60 years later there are more Chinese living in Tibet and they control everything there. Yet we are still fighting for something that is almost like a dream. The Chinese Government will never let go of Tibet, for she has everything that China does not have. Therefore I ask to our people: what are the alternatives and options still left for us there so that we can achieve relief from our nightmares?

Do not dream on and on, on a story based on an onion-like truth on Tibet; having layers and layers, but eventually leaving no result in the end. Instead, bring concrete solutions and proposals for the Chinese Government and solve two countries most complicated political issues. We are still dreaming on that other countries will support our wish fulfilling dream.
But these countries have their own agendas with China.
So, the time has come to think and plan very carefully and then talk to the Chinese. Only the Chinese leaders and our own people can solve the Tibet issue, no one else.
So stop having expectations that others will help us in our cause and maybe better to expect more from ourselves and work hard to achieve our goals.

It seems to me that this fight now going on is a fight over many generations, and if that is the case we must inform our people clearly what kind of fight is going on. We cannot get Tibet back with the present policy, because the present policy is completely irrelevant for the Chinese. So we must find out soon exactly what is relevant for both sides ,otherwise it will soon be too late for anything.

A precious 60 years has past and we are still dwelling in foreign countries and we are becoming old and our children will do the same unless we come with reasonable and relevant proposals concerning our beloved country and the loved ones in Tibet. Many of our families are there and waiting for us, so how long are we going to stay abroad?
Many of our Tibet friends are helping and supporting our causes, which is excellent and we should be grateful to them. But the real fight of Tibet is ours and it needs motivation,
dedication and hard work from the Tibetans living both in and outside Tibet. Only then we can achieve our goal.

Otherwise we will have to wait for a long, long time.

Is it not too late for an autonomous, free Tibet?