A so-called Forum, held in the autonomous region´s capital Lhasa, hosted around 100 delegates from various parts of the world. They had a two-day forum on the development of Tibet on August 12, 2014. This forum was co-sponsored by the Information Office of China´s State Council and the regional government of Tibet. The forum sought to gather opportunities and suggestions for Tibet´s future. The protection of the Tibetan culture and environment was also to be highlighted.

It seems to me that we now can just take it easy, because the whole world is going to be involved in the Tibet issue and they will hopefully shape up Tibet through “ leap-frog development.” So, it seems also that Dharamsala has nothing to do in Tibet since those 100 delegates will take care of Tibet from now on. Or do they have any comments on this issue? I would like to express my sincere good luck to those delegates who attended the forum.

Among the delegates from Britain, India, the United States, Africa and other countries “collective experience was pooled to discuss development strategies for the region.” The question is why outsiders were there in the first place? Whatever happened to the “ internal matters” we have so often heard mentioned in the past?

In any case, this is the first of this kind of project ever welcomed by the PRC. I think that we should appreciate such a fresh and courageous initiative from the PRC to bring together people from different parts of world to discuss the future of Tibet at such forum. I hope this forum will bring development with peace and harmony in our society without any more self-emulations, and an increase in freedom of speech and movement in the whole of China.

They did it again!

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