I read and studied the so-called Military Transformation with Chinese Characteristics in the New Century.
The paper is divided into seven aspects:

1. Executive Summary
2. Introduction
3. The Context for China´s Military Transformation
4. The Content of China´s Military Transformation
5. Challenges Facing China´s Military Transformation
6. Conclusion
7. About the Author

There is no doubt that China´s Military Transformation is expanding rapidly and sooner or later she will be the most power nation on earth. When I go through the summary of the
paper it explains in the short twenty sentences the whole idea of transformation as follows:

“The development of the worldwide Revolution in Military Affairs provide China with a rare historical opportunity, but also with unprecedented challenges. Seizing the opportunity and accelerating the military transformation with Chinese characteristics is a prerequisite for China´s efforts to build a moderately prosperous society. After more than ten years of steady gradual reform, China´s national defense and army building has achieved a new historic level of development. However, the task of military transformation with Chinese characteristics is still complicated, involving all aspects of national defense and army building. After the Eighteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China in 2012, the next steps in military reform with Chinese characteristics and the principle, priorities, and goals of development were further defined. Although military transformation with Chinese characteristics has a long way to go and many challenges lie ahead, with the further deepening of reforms, integrity in the modern Chinese military system and revolutionary reform will ultimately be accomplished. Once achieved, China will make a greater contribution to stability in the region and also to world Peace and development”.

When China transforms into a military super power then there will be a new world
-order and the world will be definitely divided into two sections:

a) Can create a kind of World Peace under military direction
b) Catastrophe and destruction that lead to a third world war

Nevertheless, no matter whatever is going to happen, we should hope for the best. It is difficult to believe that military power alone can create genuine world Peace. Let us hope this will not instead create more challenges and confusion worldwide, even starting the third world war. Should we not have learned more by now from what is happening around us today by using modern mass-destructive weapons?
We cannot run away from the truth of what has happened in Afghanistan, Vietnam, Iraq, Syria, and other countries. War goes on with weapons!

We can only hope the China´s military transformation with Chinese characteristic can include some of the human touch that is called love and compassion. Without it everything else will be useless. What worries me most is that there will be more challengers to the Chinese´s Military Affairs and if that happens the world will be in a hell.

So I would like to ask my readers: what is your reaction to this article? Hopefully you can bring some constructive suggestions to those who believe that weapons will bring World Peace. Can this not be an illusion, cheating ourselves again and again?

Hopefully the Chinese will learn more from our present history of the Super Powers of the World and their deeds and actions….. that resulted in mass starvation and millions of people becoming homeless.

Asia Paper, July 2013

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