Recently shocking news on the activities of the Shungden Society was revealed by a man named Tsering Tashi (Lama Tseta), who has been Chairman of the Shungden Organization. He is the first person to come out of their organization and spot-light their activities around the world. He is accusing his former friends of collaborating with communist China and of preparing to take the lives of many important people in the Tibetan community in India. He also exposed the danger for HH Dalai Lama’s life. Such accusations are very difficult to digest and seem almost impossible to believe but since it was shown on the YouTube “Boston Tibetan Truthful Public Talk” there must be some truth to it. Therefore I am sharing this unbelievable news with you all so that you can judge by yourself. The following is a summary of the program “TRUTH”, the background of the worldwide demonstrations for Shungden.

Lama Tsetan comes from Lithang in Kham, in eastern Tibet. At an early age he entered Pomra Khangtsen at Sera Mey Monastery in India. In 1997 he was appointed as one of the four officials for the Shungden Committee at his monastery. In 1999 he was appointed Chairman of the regional Shungden Society by the Shungden Oracle and through this he came into stronger contact with the Shungden movement.He says that he does not have faith in Shungden and he clearly knows that Shungden is a fake and cannot go into trance. China always tells the Shugden propitiators that the Dalai Lamas from the 1st to 13th were not enemies, neither of China nor Tibet, but that the 14th Dalai Lama is the common enemy and that they must work together in confronting him.
There are lots of accusations from Lama Tsetan and his friends. It is an interesting subject and very useful. By exposing who is behind the Shungden movement he has put his own life at risk. I therefore think it is worthwhile to see “TRUTH” and come to your own conclusion. The two sides have their own stories of course. Below are lists of people mentioned by Lama Tsetan in the recording:

The group who helped Lama Tsetan to expose the movement consists of the following people:
1. Thintey Kalsang
2. Ngawang Chime
3. Thupten Thkmay
4. Dhamchoe Nyima
5. Lobsang Ngodup

The group who is involved in the Shungden Society consists of the following:
1. Geshe Kesang in England
2. Gangchen in Ital
3. Nga Lama/leader
4. Dragom Rinpoche
5. Tenzin Palchok
6. Thupten Phurbu (Head of Shungden in China)
7. Gonsar in Switzerland
8. Ngagpo Gyatso
9. Dechen Tulku
10. Athar Tsering
11. Konchok Gyaltsen/ leader
12. Chatreng Yeshi/leader
13. Choezay/ leader

The people from the United Front are:
1. Zhu Weiqun
2. Sithar from Derge
3. Lobsang Wangdu from Gyalthang
4. Various other names from Tibet and China

I could write a long article on this subject but I urge you to see the document-ary yourself and to make your own judgment since we are all living in the so-called free world. Finally, I recommend you all to see “TRUTH”… and to be watchful!

Can this be an account of money and politics or is it a meeting of dogs and wolves?

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