Recently an article written by a woman named Maura Moynihan on Lobsang Sangay appeared in the Washington Times . When I first saw the article I could not believe what I was reading with my own eyes and I read it again and again several times. I was both sad and shocked at the same time. I therefore decided to inform you, my readers to read it and make your own judgment concerning the article. It contains very serious accusations and they must be answered by Lobsang Sangay himself. He can also bring up the case in the Parliament, where the peoples` representatives can interrogate the Prime Minister nicely concerning all the complicated issues it entails . As it has been said : “The H.H. the Dalai Lama`s wish is for transparency in the Central
Tibetan Administration.”

I do hope this case can be solved as soon as possible, so that the people of Tibet do not need to feel ashamed of their own Prime Minister.

Here is the article:

There is an old saying in Tibet:
“If there is evil inside, nothing can be achieved on the outside”
So please solve this issue first before you do anything for Tibet!

Who dare to accuse our great leader Mr. Lobsang Sangay?

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