On September 24- 25, 2015, Xi Jinping visited Washington and he brought with him the win-win
business policy to buy 300 Boeings from the United State. Xi said that the Boeings were a “win-win
example in Sino-US relations”. Xi showed this time that he is not only the President of PRC but that
he is also a damn good businessman! The 300 airplanes list prices put the deal’s total value at
US$38 billion.

The American leaders were indeed so happy with the business deal, that the Human
Rights issues in China, Xinjiang and Tibet disappeared almost completely from the ears and eyes of
the American citizens. Again, I must say, Xi Jinping did it well. He showed that even on American soil
he is the leading leader of the New World Order, as did even his wife.

The President of the United States acknowledged again that Tibet is recognized by them as part of
China, but that China must improve the Human Rights issues in Tibet. But by starting with this
recognition statement, that Tibet is part of China, the President of the United States then has no
longer any right to involve in the internal matters of China.
And thus the whole topic of Tibet became like delicious food… but without any salt in it!

The win-win policy of the Chinese President

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