Two gentlemen, Mr. Xi Jinping and Mr. Ma Ying-jeou met in Singapore. The meeting was an historical event for there has not been any communication between the mainland China and Taiwan for 60 years. Saturday 07-11-2015 will be the historical foundation and bridge-day between the two countries and also between the two leaders. They are brave and intelligent beings who have really created an open-minded policy which can bring goodness to two countries for many generations yet to come. We must admire their bravery and their example and we hope that the two countries` citizens can have more peaceful and harmonious relations in the near future.

Written in China Morning Post: “In the future whoever is elected the president of the Republic of China – Taiwan can continue to use this platform to advance cross-strait relations. “
Well, this kind of story also brings hope and understanding for the China –Tibet relations. This can bring inspiration for both sides so they can finally find an everlasting solution for their issues.

If China wants to solve the Tibet issue, then start with the Dalai Lama while he is still alive, otherwise the Tibet case will bring so much pain and suffering for both sides.

Nothing is impossible. When the windows of possibility are open on one side, one should take the opportunity to open one`s own.

Good luck to China and Tibet!

The leaders from Taiwan/China hold an historic meeting