There are so many educated Tibetans who are willing to work and serve our people and country,
but there are now only two heroes who are voluntarily running for the position of Sikyong.
Though I found that they both are very brave young men indeed, it seems to me that they are both
caught up in an illusion that is extremely delicate to solve. The question is: do we really need these
kind of self-occupied and self-centered control freaks, or do we deserve something else?
As for the answers to that question, I will leave them to the Tibetan people living inside and outside
of Tibet.
We need a person who is well educated and not so selfish, someone who will dedicate his life for
Tibet and the Tibetans. We need a person who can look after both rich and poor equally, and bring
them all together and lead the country forward. We need a leader like the 14th Dalai Lama, but that is
out of our reach. Yet, on the issue of Tibet we must try our best to find a leader who is almost as
good as the Dalai Lama.

A leader must be for the people and the country and also be willing to share and distribute his/her responsibility and workload among his staffs.

Our present Sikyong is well educated but is completely lost in his name and fame and
he is a control freak. Very sadly his right hand has resigned from her post, which is an
unfortunate coincidence that also tells us something about the quality of Sikyong Lobsang
Sangay. He mentioned that he has laid a good foundation for our cause, but he never mentioned
anything about His Holiness Dalai Lama´s hard work for 50 years time. This is very sad to hear from
such a well educated man.

One of the main jobs is to deal with the Chinese, but there he has failed and the Chinese are not
interested in him, nor his policy. He never set up a strong committee for dialogue between the Chinese and the Tibetans. He has been wasting our time again and again for four long years. Time is precious, remember. We can kill time here in exile, and let the Chinese kill Tibetans in Tibet. Are we still going to believe blindly in Lobsang Sangay`s policy which is like a merry-go-round? Are we all crazy, or are we just lost in our comfortable lives here in exile?

At the same we must be grateful to him and his family for spending time for the Tibetan cause for so many years. Yet he must realize that he should give the opportunity to other candidates to maybe find a better solution for Tibet.

Penpa Tsering the Chairman of the Chitue (People´s Assembly), in my opinion, is a very classic, typical, `boring´ type of individual. He is a person who cannot bring the Tibet issue to the negotiation table, even if he starts soon to collect people for the Dalai Lama´s Special Committee for the Dialogue, if he wins the votes. Both Penpa Tsering and Lobsang Sangay are almost invisible in the eyes of the PRC, whereas the Dalai Lama is known and the majority of the Chinese do respect and love him in China.

We cannot let Lobsang Sangay kill another five years of our time. He must realize that he cannot move China, but he can support and give advice to other candidates so that they can learn from his mistakes and good example to fight for Tibet. It is a learning process for all the candidates until we find the right one. It will take time to find the right person but everything has its own time and time will tell us. Until then we are grateful to all the candidates for making time for the Tibetans. Although they have wasted many opportunities to solve the Tibet issue, they have tried their level best.

Please do not waste our precious time