In the Hindustan Times it stated: “China to build second railway link from Lhasa in Tibet”.

This means maybe that Tibetans have lost their beloved country forever, so now it is no use to fight against China.
Can`t you imagine what China can do when they built the second railway?

Tibet will not be same as before and the Chinese will have one hundred percent control over Tibet and the countries that exist in the Himalaya hemisphere. China is a nation that will proceed with their plans day and night until they complete their objectives, while the rest of the other nations are lost in their democratic debates and differences. The Chinese did it in the past and she will without a doubt do it again . When they have completed building so many railways from many directions in Tibet, that will also be the time when China got the whole of Asia right in the palm of their hand.

From the Hindustan Times: “China will build a second railway line connecting remote Tibet with the southern part of the country, expanding connectivity and increasing its options for rapidly moving troops to the area”.

As we can see very clearly, the Chinese activities are very concrete and aggressive and it is really happening. So therefore, what kind of strategy could the CTA have to challenge it? They cannot kill any more time expecting that other nations will provide support for their struggles. Now it is time to wake up and do something! Create a strategy with concrete plans that will challenge China and forget about trying to fight against China with so many words. The fight using the word is almost over, so do you not have any other suggestions left with which to obtain your country back?

Stop expecting support from other nations, but expect more from yourselves, with an excellent planned strategy. You cannot do something again and again (such as 10th March demonstrations) that has not given you maximum satisfaction, but now instead you can bring new suggestions for your people to bring the Chinese to the negotiation table. If you do not have any fresh method and means to fight or to settle the differences between the Chinese and Tibetans, then we cannot keep on doing same old things again and again.

Either let the Chinese rule Tibet forever or hurry up…the time is running out!

Could this be a final Good Bye to Tibet?

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