After reading many articles on Xi Jinping in various newspapers I find it difficult to understand their speculations about him. I therefore allow myself to share with you my own ideas here, but the absolute truth is somewhere in between all the speculations. Fifty years on, China found this leader who is a product of the Cultural Revolution and who spent fifteen years in a cave. His father was a wartime hero, but was subjected to public humiliation, struggle sessions and repeated beatings because of Mao. Of course Xi smiles at Mao, because now he is the most powerful leader of the whole of China and maybe he will be more powerful than all the leaders together, including Mao. Many people speculate that Xi Jinping will follow in Mao’s footsteps, but in my opinion that will never happen. He might however use some of Mao’s methods Xi is not as unsophisticated as Mao. He is also cleverer but will use some of the methods of Mao in order to build a China that will be the most powerful nation in the world. His ambitions are enormous and when judging him we might make mistakes between Xi and Mao. They are two completely different types of leaders. And besides, we are now living in the 21st century; therefore we must understand the quality of leadership and what his aims and objects are. Around Mao´s time China was isolated and so he could do anything with his people, such as killing two million Chinese during the Culture Revolution, while the rest of the world was busy with something else. Times have changed and so has leadership. Xi has more responsibility about China globally because of the bilateral relations with other nations and so it is too early to conclude that XI Jinping is transforming into Mao.

We all know politics is a dirty game; therefore we must all use our imagination with common sense so that we are not deluded by wrong information from newspapers, internet and other media.

Let us wait and see – the time will tell. “Your patience with wisdom reveals the truth at last” .

Why Xi smiles at Mao?

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