I recently read a very interesting and unbelievable book “TSESOK DANG NGAL THUB KYI DAL-BSHU” in Tibetan and written by Nenang Lama Tsewang about his impossible mission of journeying with the 17th Karmapa from the so-called isolated Tibet in the millennium year 2000. I recommend everyone and anybody to read this book and all the film-makers should really check this story of this great heroic lama and contact him. As a movie this story could give hope to many beings who are seeking for freedom.

Here is the story about him and his fellow friends:
A son was born into a nomad family in a tiny village named LHATOK in the region of eastern Tibet. In June 1992, he entered the monastery. More than 25.000 devotees assembled to witness his return and they welcomed him dearly and he was enthroned on September 27, 1992. However, in order to receive all the necessary ancient empowerments and transmissions of his lineage which he was unable to receive in Tibet this young Lama asked many times to the Tibet leaders in Lhasa and Beijing to be allowed to visit India. But all his wishes were denied. The only golden option left was to organize the most impossible and greatest escape in our time and immediately leave from Tibet for India. He, the just fourteen year old young Karmapa, pretended that he was the greatest actor and with his ancient wisdom entered into a solitary retreat. Then one day when the night appeared he magically slipped out of his monk`s robe with gentleness and carefully disappeared into the Wonderland, even though there were guards day and night from the United Front escorts and securities watching him under their surveillance 24 hours a day.

The young Karmapa, with his incredible wisdom and his unbeatable aim and object at the forefront of his pinpointed mind, left from Tibet for India together with his hand-picked handful of entourage personnel. He had nothing with him, only his inner strength and wisdom, to challenge the super power of the People`s Republic of China. The Karmapa and his heroic entourage had an extremely difficult journey and hardships leaving from Tibet, passing and crossing over the huge Himalayan snow mountains in the middle of December the year of millennium 2000. That was the coldest month of the year, but they did it with determination and dedication. On the way, with little food, they walked most of the time on foot then afterward they had horses, then by train, taxi, and at last with a helicopter.
On January 5th 2000 he and his entourage arrived, as the greatest historical surprise, in Dharamsala India, where he met the Dharma King of Tibet, the 14th Dalai Lama and creating overwhelming joy among exiled Tibetans all over the world, and other devotees in Dharamsala.

This short story of Karmapa`s impossible mission with his trusted disciples was in all the headlines throughout the world. That goes to show that a great teacher like Karmapa and other great lamas can challenge the P.R.C through their weapons of love and compassion and if they use their power in a wrong way how powerful that will be. Therefore the P.R.C must kindly learn something from this wonderful story,….and hopefully Hollywood can produce a movie based on Nenang Lama`s book,…the greatest escape in our time!

The greatest escape in our time
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