It took around 60 years until UN got a man who really will fight for justice in the world in the name of Human Rights issues, without any distractions cause by economic reasons or fame. Thanks you UN and other nations, for you have found the right man for the right job. I and many other friends have lost hope for the UN, but now hopefully my trust in them will slowly grow again. It is not only the question of Tibet, there are many nations and individuals in the world that have the same problems like in Tibet. But many times it is difficult to detect the situation in good time. Therefore we need many honest professionals, like as I mentioned, and like in the following article:

Phayul, on August 24, 2016. UN envoy criticizes China on human rights, interference in work:

The United Nations human rights representative yesterday criticized the Chinese government for the `drastically´ shrinking space for human rights in the most populous country in the world and for interfering with his work during a China visit. Philip Alston, the UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, at the press conference in Beijing after 9-day official visit to China, complained of drastically shrinking space for civil society actions to discuss government policies.

“None of those meeting were arranged, and the message I got from many of the people I contacted was that they had been advised that they should be on vacation at the time”, said the Professor at NYU School of Law.

He also shared that he was followed everywhere by the Chinese officials and an activist who was trying to get a meeting with him was detained near the UN office in Beijing.

“The Chinese government and me did not reach a common understanding of the role of a UN rapporteur,” said the Australian Professor after being able to meet those accepted by the government.

Freedom House, in their 2016 report, had placed Tibet as the second worst place in the world for political rights and civil liberties. According to the report of Congressional- Executive Commission on China (CECC), human rights and rule of law have suffered a devastating blow since Xi Jinping came to power in 2013.
Philip labeled `pincer movement´ of the Chinese Communist Party as an `unfortunate trend´ to restrict the ability of the civil society organizations, lawyers, activists and NGOs to protest.

The Professor saw his trip to a model ethnic village near Kunming in Yunnan Province as China´s tactic to show communal harmony and dismiss any idea of ill treatments to ethnic minorities. He, however, said that China has made a good progress toward its goal of eliminating poverty by 2020.

Well readers, as to whether all these complaints are true or not, it is now up to China to prove if the people of Tibet and all the other nationalities are in good hands or not. We will see if things become worse or better.

The game is now yours, China! UN is the highest institution above all, so do please listen and respect this noble institution.

At last the wisdom eye of UN opened

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