During the last 28 years time, there has been changes going on nonstop in development in the whole of Tibet. Changes are good if you want to develop Tibet and it is good for both the Chinese and Tibetans. Since we started our educational project in Tibet there has been lots of changes that went on and those changes were partly to prevent foreign aids and foreign influences. It was very interesting to study the Chinese Government policy on education and the development scheme in Tibet. Their whole project schemes were to have hundred percent control of Tibet from the Dalai Lama and the Central Tibetan Administration, and from foreign influences The Chinese main goal is to make maximum profit from the natural resources of the country, such as from the Himalayan mountains, forests, rivers, etc.

I do not recognize my birth place. It is completely transformed into a Chinese city and people are forced to adjust to the Chinese way of life and my people are suffocating from these types of developments. But the whole world is neglecting this beautiful country of Tibet because of the Chinese exaggeration of their goodness and the so-called peaceful liberation of Tibet under gunpoint.

Tibet and the Tibetan people are dying slowly due to lack of freedom of speech, movement and expression. Tibet is isolated from the rest of world by huge mountain chains and these mountains, with which the Chinese policy in Tibet created the artificial so called wonderful heavenly Tibet, is now transformed into a hell. The Chinese already built one railway from China to Tibet and there are creating another one soon. This means that we, the citizens of this world, have silently helped and supported the Chinese policy to kill and root out the Tibetan culture and people from this world, because we were kept quiet and blinded by the Chinese fancy words and money. Remember, Tibet is the head of the mother earth and she holds all those major rivers of Asia. If she goes with China completely, then slowly one by one all the countries in Asia will face drastic consequences and the eco system of the environment will slowly but surely show another change of face. The question of Tibet is to do with whole world, therefore take necessary peaceful actions wherever you are and whenever you have time. I really do worry about the future of the whole world, not only Tibet. Tibet is a tiny part of it, but Tibet plays a very important role in the ecosystem.

Generally the Chinese people are very nice, but the one sided policy of China must be synchronized for the welfare of the Tibetan people and for mother earth as well. China must respect and listen to the Tibetans living in Tibet. They should not bulldoze down the Tibetan culture as the Chinese like to do. There is a saying: When you are China, do as the Chinese do… and that same thing applies to the Chinese. When you are in Tibet, do as the Tibetans do, not the opposite of it.

If you both sides follow this simple rule, then there will be peace and friendship between the two nations and their many nationalities.

Tibet has been completely changed

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