I had been contacted by the Sapo (Swedish Security Service), the Swedish secret intelligence police approximately two years ago concerning espionage involving the Tibetans living in Sweden. But I had no clue and no knowledge about the whole situation around that time, because the Swedish society is one of the best countries in the world, one where we are allowed to have freedom of speech, expression and of movement.
It came as both a kind of shock and a surprise when the Sapo recently arrested a Tibetan man named D. Gyaltsan, who has lived in Sweden for a few years, and said that he had been giving information to China for some years. After careful examination by the Sapo, they have evidence of the man gathering serious information on the Tibetans living in Tibet and Sweden. The majority of Swedish people were shocked when the news came out on the Swedish television and people were so disappointed that China, the second superpower country, is operating espionage in this peaceful country. Then Swedish people and Tibetans here were disappointed and insulted by the rudeness of the Chinese Authorities, and they demanded an explanation and that China should immediately stop with its espionage in this peaceful country. The Tibetans living in Sweden had one thing to say: Shame on China!
These kinds of mischievous actions from the Chinese side showed their mental weakness and that they are afraid of the Tibetans living in exile and outside of Tibet. Both the Tibetans and Swedish people felt it was a huge joke and embarrassment for the Chinese Government on the platform of international forum. Tibetans expressed their anger with strong feeling and they sent a message to China that they made us stronger and kept us united among ourselves.

China invaded Tibet in 1959 with force, but still they are not satisfied with it. Tibetans in Tibet are not so happy because of the isolation from the rest of world and we do not have any connections with our relatives there. What is wrong with China? Is it not enough for China to have this huge country, plus poor Tibetans living in Tibet for their slaves? What more do they want from us? Tibet differs from the Chinese, because we have our country, language, tradition, religion, food and clothing, etc. We cannot speak Chinese and they cannot speak Tibetan and that shows we are forced to adjust our lives to the Chinese tradition, which is completely ridiculous indeed. “They, the Chinese can try for a million years, but we will never, never forsake our unique culture, for many millions of years yet to come”, as said by the Tibetan hero named Andruk Gonpo Tashi. Nevertheless, instead of sending a spy on us, why can`t they negotiate with the Dalai Lama with dignity concerning the future of Tibet and live happily together forever.

Leaders come and go, but the people of Tibet and the Chinese have already suffered too much under the culture revolution, and so can they not finally have everlasting happiness?!

Espionage in the free society of the Royal Kingdom of Sweden

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