In 1962 the Chinese occupied parts of northern India and after that there has been continuously border issues between the two giants of Asia for approximately 55 years. The Chinese had already occupied the huge land of Tibet and now controls almost 45% of Asia’s water resources and still they want more.

Recently the Chinese started the border fights with India. It is very clear the China wants to expand their political power along the southern borders of Tibet and in other parts of Asia.

According to Samajwadi Party leader and former Defense Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav on Wednesday raised the issue of Tibet in the Parliament. India’s former Defense Minister said that India’s stand on Tibet, a reference to its acceptance that the region was part of China, was a “mistake” and the time has come to support its status as an historically independent country as it had been a traditional buffer between the two big nations. He also urged the Indian Central Government to give maximum support to His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Speaking during the zero hour, Yadav called China India’s “real enemy” rather than Pakistan and claimed that China was ready to attack India in collaboration with Pakistan. “If need be, we should have a rethink on diplomatic relations with China,” Yadav said. The veteran leader also demanded a “ban on Chinese products in India in the nation’s interest”.

Why did it take India so long to realize that Tibet was an independent nation for many centuries? Tibet have their own culture, tradition, language and religion that differs from China. Now the door is opened for discussion and let us in our free world talk openly about Tibet with the Chinese. Let the discussion ball roll and see what happens with the dialogue between China and Tibet?

At last Mother India wakes up!

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