The tragedy of the most famous Liu Xiaobo is another shameless `victory´ for China in front of the whole world forum.
Nobel Laureate Liu Xiaobo passed away at 61, and that means the Chinese people’s dreams to see the light of democratic reforms and the joy of happiness are now prolonged, and that the Human Rights issues are not respected and are ignored.

He, Mr. Liu sacrificed his life for the people of China, Xinjiang and Tibet. Therefore they must wake up and bring peace and justice in China by carrying his example together with the Chinese people and their leaders. Why do only a few people have the power over millions of people in China? The system in China must be transformed soon by the people and their leaders otherwise there will be more bloodshed and more shame on them which will spread throughout the whole world.

Finally, I request the leaders of the China; please let the people have freedom of speech, choice and movement. You cannot lose your face again and again in the bigger world. Therefore when you now have the chance it is only you who can change, so best do it soon before it is too late.

Do not lose your face again, the whole world laughs at you! I believe that most of the Chinese are clever and intelligent, therefore you must show your good sides…. not only your stupid sides.

The whole world shared tears with respect.

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