We have now witnessed the latest self immolation: that of the Jokhang Temple, in support of the 151 self immolations……but where are the CTA and the P.R.C? Are these two unbeatable bears in long winter hibernation, or is something else going on hidden under the tables?
For several years now we have not seen any hopeful signs nor heard even a tiny whisper sound of negotiation or dialogue between Central Tibet Administration and the Government of People’s Republic of China. I think it is time for CTA to inform their subjects what is going on when it is to do with the dialogue. CTA`s main job is dialogue and we want to hear from CTA just how far it has come when it is to do with the whole processes of dealing with the so called “ Great Mother Land”.

Since we would like to be a part of China, with a certain amount of freedom, I am sure CTA and their counterpart has found a solution for our common interest; the issue of Tibet and Tibetans. I am sure it is a huge job for the CTA but the question is, are they really putting their whole concentration on the dialogue, or have they become more interested in enlightenment for the sake of all sentient beings? I hope that they have not forgotten the main issue which is that of Tibet and the Tibetans. Now even the Jokhang Temple itself has shown its own sympathy for the Tibetan people living in Tibet!

It is indeed excellent that we have respect and love for the Dalai Lama and his teachings. He has done everything that he could for Tibet and of course he will do more. But from now on our focus must be pin-pointed and for the Tibetans who are living in Tibet in the forefront. It must not be completely hidden in the background of great Rinpoches and Dharma activities. We cannot expect more from His Holiness Dalai Lama, we must expect more from ourselves, what we can contribute for our struggle. Our precious time used gathering around holy objects and Chötens is good, but instead can we not use our time and common sense and focus on the people suffering in the land of snow? Shouldn`t we have a burning interest in getting constructive ideas from our people in exile to create some concrete plans to get back our beautiful country, instead of wasting time quarrelling among ourselves in so many ways.
As the saying goes “time is precious”. But do we really put all our energy into getting back our country, with focus and proper plans? Or are we still waiting for China to dictate for us how we should apply to join the Mother Land?

We have been expecting to get freedom for approximately sixty years now and still we are doing it the same way as “the prayer flags”. It goes on and goes on but never reaches the destination. I think we must rethink our plan and bring new ideas, perhaps with forceful nonviolent actions. There have been a few reasonable nonviolence movements, such as the movements created by the Great Gandhi Ji, Nelson Mandela and others. Nonviolence movements are full of energy and surprises and they inspire hope and freedom. But what happened to our nonviolent movement? There is neither energy nor any surprises. So with the present policy, must we wait for 60 more years to join the mother land?

Maybe after 60 years the Mother Land becomes part of Tibet, you never know! Nobody knows! Que Sera Sera, the future is hard to tell, Que Sera Sera. Wake up and rethink!

The last self immolation: the Jokhang Temple.