On that day a new historical direction was shown by Mr. Trump and Mr. Kim Jong-Un. The approximately 50 years old issue was solved by two great men, Mr. Kim and Mr. Trump…. just like that!
I think we should give some credit to them even though they have sometimes been bad boys. They showed a new way to solve the world problems and conflicts that exist today. It was a historical and fantastic summit those leaders had and they made it possible with mutual respect and showed that everything is not impossible. We need more leaders like them who can act with common sense and bravery to make decisions for the benefit & well being of mankind.

I am sitting in the middle of Stockholm and having a cup of coffee and enjoying my life. While I am doing it I was daydreaming with a wish that Dalai Lama and Xi could do the same thing. If they both put time and effort for the sake of Tibetans and the Chinese living in and outside of Tibet and China then the Tibet issue is solvable, and it is much easier if you compare it to North Korea.
If Mr. Xi cannot solve the Tibet issue soon it will be hanging after him forever and this will pull him down and he will not be a great leader in the world, but perhaps only in China and some African countries.

Now Dalai Lama and Mr. Xi have the opportunity and the power. If they want to be one of the most popular and influential leaders in the world, then they must solve the Tibet issue together soon. Otherwise they will go down in the history of the world as the two great failures. The choice is theirs, but I hope & wish and request them to please solve this dumb situation soon so that both Tibetans and the Chinese can live happily forever and forever.

Remember the 12th June, 2018, it was an unforgettable day!