We started this forum in April 2008 and today it is the 06-10-2018 and my son Tenzing and Allan Fotheringham have been with me and Tibet Summit for 9 years.

I have shared my inner thoughts and feelings on Tibet and I hope I have contributed a few thoughts and ideas on Tibet, which is my responsibility as a Tibetan, and on China; issues related to three subjects: educational, cultural and environmental destruction on the high plateau of Tibet. I know all the Tibetans who are spread all over the world are doing their best and contributing all they can for Tibet and I really do appreciate you all so much from the bottom my heart. But the question is, is it enough to leave all the headaches to one person, that is, none other than 14th Dalai Lama? And the second question is, is it enough to do our best and yet do nothing to get back what is ours through Ume Lam (the middle path)? Can there be more active options like nonstop nonviolence struggles to reach the negotiation table with the Chinese?

The choice is yours to help your people inside Tibet and the Chinese people through demanding a little more from yourself instead of getting lost into materialism and comfort. We are the representatives of Tibetans and Chinese who are now living in Tibet. Therefore, must we not push forward in the fight together with His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama with his brilliant middle way path, with a huge and gigantic nonstop movement until the Chinese Regime are forced to come to the negotiation table? We cannot wait until Dalai Lama disappears from us but rather we must act now and now means like having a hot fire attached to your head. Then what will you do? You will not wait, but act immediately! So Tibet needs your solidarity to act and to solve the Tibet issue now, it`s as simple as that. But we are waiting and waiting with expectations without getting any concrete help from the rest of the world. Stop this nonsense and act now with one goal, one heart and one motivation! Only then will we get back our country from the reasonable people of China. They also need our help because they are so confused and too overpowered by the wrong solution, which is only related with their temporary illusion of power. Let us free them by our peaceful active nonviolent movement.

At last I would like to say thanks on behalf of my organisation and members of the Swedish Tibetan Society for School and Culture that has supported the most meaningful projects in the fields of education, culture and environment in Tibet and other countries. I would also like to express my appreciation to you, the readers, for reading my small contributions for many years. It is you who kept me going on for approximately 9 years. Now I am an old man and I feel my contribution for Tibet and China is going to be ended here. But hopefully someone else will keep this issue alive and bring a new face to it. Tibet and the Chinese issues are very important because these countries are connected to the rest of the world and therefore they must solve it together peacefully for the benefit of their citizens. If China wants to become the number one country in the world, first they must solve their number one `homework´ that is none other than Tibet. Tibet is the gateway to become a superpower.

Good luck China and Tibet, I love you both!

Farewell Tibet Summit

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