The good news from Xinhua and the BBC:

Tibet promotes Tourism expositions by the local industry to be held in mid-June, 2009.

– “The Xinhua News Agency 1 June, 2009 – the Tourism Bureau of Lhasa City and its subordinate agencies in Lhasa’s districts and towns will attend two tourism expositions to be held in mid-June to promote the local Tourism industry.”
– “It is also mentioned in Xinhua that the BBC will help to promote Lhasa’s Tourism.”

– ” Beijing, May 25 ( Xinhuanet) – the British Broadcasting corporation (BBC) has
decided to broadcast a promotional commercial in December on its World Channel free to help promote Lhasa’s tourism, according to Tibet Business Newspaper.”

It is all well and good that citizens of the world can travel to Tibet and enjoy the
magnificence of the country, but we also have a responsibility to be conscious about the environmental issues. Today in the world we are all very much concerned and involved in the climate changes and struggles against global warming and it sometimes seems to me as if the end of the world is here, but, what about the Plateau of Tibet, the roof of the world?
Well, if the roof of a house is leaking and falling apart, then the house will be in disorder. So too will the world that we are living in!

In Tibet there are many high mountains with glaciers and so many great rivers that originate from the Tibetan Plateau which sustain the lives of 47% of the world population and 85% of Asia’s total population. Yet we hardly discuss climate changes and environmental issues in Tibet in any of the world climate summits that are held in the world. Is it because the Plateau of Tibet is situated on another planet or have we been too selfish and one sided that we forgot all together that Tibet is existing at the corner of our world?
It seems to me that the world and the experts on sustainable environment issues have either a) forgotten about this mountain country called Tibet, or b) have decided to completely ignore that it exists, together with all of the questions surrounding it.

In any case, Tibet plays a very important role in connection with global warming and the issues of the climate changes in the world and she also plays a major role in Asia. The global warming issues in Tibet are the problems of the world, and therefore we must bring them up at the Copenhagen meeting on climate in December, 2009.

I do very much appreciate once again that the Tibet Plateau is going to be opened for all, but we must not forget to inform and educate all the tourists who will visit there from all over the world. All the tourists must take full responsibility to clean up after every step they take in the country and all the Tourist Bureaus in Tibet and the BBC must inform to all how important it is to be conscious about the sustainability of the environmental and about global warming issues.

From my own experience when I was in Tibet there are two kinds of tourist groups:

– Tourists from the west and other parts of the world who are educated in the field of environmental issue and global warming,
– Tourists (often domestic), who have less knowledge about climate and global warming problems in the world today.
It is most important to educate these tourist groups, so that they will not throw empty beer bottles and plastic bags and so on everywhere on the mountains and in rivers, etc.

My final request to all the Tourist Bureaus in the world and in Tibet and in the mainland China is: Please inform for all the tourists groups that they must keep the country clean and to take care of the Plateau of Tibet. It is not only for our sake, but also for our next generations to come.

Is the roof leaking? (or, The forgotten Plateau of Tibet?!)