When Lobsang Gyatso, the 5th Dalai Lama, died in 1682, the Regent Desi Sangyal Gyatso kept His death a secret – partly to continue the stable administration, and partly to gain more time for the completion of the Potala. The five year old reincarnation was discovered in 1688, but he was immediately sent to a place called Nankartser, where he was kept concealed by the Regent until 1697 when he sent a delegation to the Chinese Emperor in 1697 to announce that the Fifth Dalai Lama had passed away and the sixth had been discovered.

The sixth Dalai Lama was born 1683 in Mon Tawang ( today’s India) and the fifth Panchen Lama named him Tsangyang Gyatso and he was enthroned as the Sixth Dalai Lama.

Around 1706, Lhasang Khan Mongol deposed Tsangyang Gyatso in co-operation with partners such as the Chinese.This is one of the main problems where we can still trace today’s Tibet issue that is hanging with us. It is a chronic issue and it will take time and effort to reach a dialogue.
Nevertheless, the sixth Dalai Lama, he is a lover of wine and women, and melodious as a singer of love songs.

All the Tibetans worshipped and loved Him with stainless faith . Tsangyang Gyatso´s songs became famous in every corner of Tibet and Himalaya.

He left a poem where he foretold he would be born in Lithang.

“ The White crane”

Lend me your wings
I will not fly far away
From Lithang, I shall return”.

There are many translations on sixth Dalai lama’s songs, but there are always some changes in the same songs, it is because of the each translator sees a new way of express in his rich and very deep meanings of his poems.

His poems have many aspects. Here I hope I have contributed something the others had not discovered yet.
Soenam Jamyangling

The Sixth Dalai Lama´s love songs.

Face to face with a precious Lama
Having come to ask for spiritual teachings
My mind won’t stay here
It slips away toward my lover.

From Hill of East peak
The moon rose clear and white
Face of my unborn mother
Circled round and round in my mind.

Peacocks from the east of India!
Parrots from the valley of Kongyul!
Though born in different areas
All meets in Lhasa, Where there is the Wheel of Dharma.

She put his hat on his head
Tossed her hair over her shoulder
“She said to me go in peace”
“I said to her stay in peace”
“I asked her will you be sad.”
“She said we’ll meet you soon.”

6th Dalai Lama

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    Soft gentleness … unborn Mother … how wonderful …

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