Buddhism is a way to see things as they are, but without a good teacher we can be lost in this huge ocean of Samsara (the world that we have created without any permission from others). The word Buddhism came after Siddhartha had discovered a way to liberate himself from his own illusions, that is to say, we as individuals should find or discover the way that Buddha discovered by himself, but we must do it alone. Buddha never mentioned that this is the only way, but he showed the way and told us that individuals must check whatever they have found to see if it is real gold or brass?

There are four contemplations:

¤ The precious human form / when you think about it you are a miracle.

¤ The death and impermanence/ when you think about it, you learn how to live in nowness fully.

¤ The actions and their results/ when you think about it, you learn not to harm anyone.

¤ The faults of cyclic existence/ when you think about it, you like to keep healthy and in compassion.

We should meditate thoroughly on these four points and try to realize them correctly from the beginning of our practice. If we fail to do this, our meditation will lack a firm foundation and it will be impossible to realize the more profound aspects such as the relative and absolute awakening mind. Just as a person who wishes to become a school teacher or other kind of teacher and teach others effectively must first gain the prerequisites by following the appropriate studies, so also we must first engage in all the preliminary practice in order to attain higher realizations. Buddha´s message was simple and straight to us, but we make so many complicattions around it. So I wish you all good luck with this practice. This practice has been very useful for me, therefore I share this to all!

Soha Manga lam

What is Buddhism? (A short and straight point to the heart of Buddhism)