An extraordinary private version and political interpretation by the deceased Prime Minister of the PRC, Mr. Zhao Ziyang.

How often can we get information with this kind of impossible and unobtainable theme? Yet, Mr. Zhao Ziyang has made it possible for us to take a glimpse at the hidden backside of the great wall of the PRC! I got the unique opportunity from a friend to read this rare and strange book in Swedish, while lying in hospital. Otherwise I would neither have had the time nor the inclination. It turned out to be a strange and magical description of the most complicated, dark and powerful spiders – the web situation of a country. I was both shaken and confused at the same time. It was extremely complicated and difficult to understand the various political transactions that are going on in a country like China. But she gives the impression of running her show seemingly well and the rest of the world sharing in her delight. They show little doubt, but accept her as one of the leading super-power nations which has the possibility of transformation. In any case, China is developing slowly and carefully. But the sad thing is that there is a lack of mutual trust, and a huge gap between old party leaders and the newer, younger ones. They are now in some kind of bardo or “intermediate” state! For the welfare of the people and the country, the leaders of the PRC must find a good solution soon; so that we do not have to repeat the same kind of incident like the one that occurred on June 4th in the year 1989, with the world looking on.

A peaceful and harmonious dialogue is the best strategy for the future of mankind and also for the people of the PRC.

When you read this book, it seems that visibility is covered by dark confusion. Yet, at the same time there is also a strange penetration of light of goodness too. It seems that Deng Xiaoping and Zhao Ziyang had different approaches to the June 4th event in 1989. However, if you look very carefully you see that there are more actors involved. If you read this book, you will get tremendous insight into the PRC and it will be easier to understand the complex society. You can then make your own judgement instead of listening to the opinions of others.

“Prisoner of the State: The Secret Journal of Premier Zhao Ziyang”