A big Thank You to all who have sent donations to our Society!

Our representative is now in the area and has used the donations for blankets, food & drink (mainly tsampa and butter, which they eat there) and clothes. We have received a report from him.

Among other things he writes: “ Casualties are uncertain but there are around 4,000 dead. Every day they transport bodies to Sertha. So many people are homeless…many with children. Two areas worst hit are about 5km from here. There the houses were made of mud. Two monasteries have been badly damaged and more than fifty were killed. Now people have to live in tents and eat instant noodles.

” At present he is trying to make contacts with more suppliers in order to get more tsampa and butter. “

We need to plan food supplies properly, these people could be here in tents for up to a year” He was surprised to see that ..” so many people have come quickly from surrounding areas and monasteries to help and work together with the aid-workers!”.

The Chinese government has supplied tents, instant noodles and water. However, many of the aid-workers from mainland China were quickly struck by nausea and fatigue due to the high altitude.

In Tibet they are collecting money for the victims and the Society`s Handicraft School donated 10,000y.

Still more help is needed and any contribution is welcome. PG 900666-9.

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