Mekong = Zachu river runs from snow-covered mountains of the eastern Tibet
Plateau and it is one of the most important rivers in Asia.

All major rivers in Asia originate from Tibet:

Yalung Tsangpo = Brahmaputra
Machu = Yellow river
Drichu = Yangtse
Senge Khabab = Indus
Phungchu = Arun
Gyalmo Nguchu = Salween (travels to Burma)

The Zachu River (Mekong River) runs from Tibet to the following countries:

* Thailand
* Burma
* China
* Vietnam
* Cambodia
* Thailand
* Laos
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The Mekong is one of the world´s major rivers and the 12th longest. Often times, human beings living in those areas where rivers are, do not think very much about where the source of the river originates. It is usually thought about only when countries face various issues concerning the use of these rivers.
Recently there was an article in Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) newspaper, published on April 8th 2010 on the Mekong River. There was a huge issue about how the countries mentioned above will share the rivers. When I read the article, I felt so sad. There has never been any problems with the rivers during the many centuries when old Tibet/China existed until 1959. Nature has no boundaries. China’s Tibet shared her resources like the river Zachu (Mekong) with all her neighboring countries without making any demands in return. They must learn to appreciate that.

All the rivers were allowed to be used by the citizens of the world, according to the Buddhist philosophy. Many of these rivers are holy to Hinduism, Buddhism, and other religions. Old Tibet had preserved and respected those rivers as the elixirs of life itself, for the benefit of the next generations to come. So our responsibility is to pass on that wisdom (bloodstream) to future generations. In this way the Zachu River redevelopment will be a sustainable development for the whole of Asia, and we can also prevent the destruction of fisheries, agriculture, hydropower and other environmental issues. Nowadays, we are so greedy that we would like to use all the resources for ourselves and not thinking about our brothers and sisters and their children in Asia. Please think about the future.

Here I would like to give a suggestion to all of the respective countries in Asia. That they must all travel to the source of the river (Tibet) and learn the sensitivity and
vulnerability of those rivers and then to discuss how we can share the rivers in the best way for a long time to come. I think it is a very good time for countries in Asia to wake up and see what is going on with environmental issues on the roof of the world.

It is never too late. Wake up now so you can do something concrete for your children, so that they will have a good decent life. They deserve it!

The Power of the Zachu River (Mekong River )