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The quake that hit in the west was more visible then the east. It was due to the information and exciting news around the whole activity that it was supported by superpowers and developed countries. Therefore the various help organisations jumped into this area that was hit by the catastrophe and supported tremendously them with immense material support which indeed was very good.

But the quake that hit in the east was completely forgotten by them. Therefore one sometimes wonders why we are doing this kind of injustice action? I do not find any reasonable answers to it. I have been asking myself, Is Tibet and China outside of this earth or on another planet?
If it is, then it would be an acceptable answer. Otherwise it was very confusing for me, and others who lost their dear ones in the catastrophe. Are human values in the western hemisphere more precious then those in the east?

We were the only organisation that supported the earthquake areas in Tibet and no organisations wanted to help our people when they lost everything due to the earthquake which killed thousands of people. My question is, Are the people in Tibet less important human species than those who live in the west? Our organisations stretched our hands out for help and support from Swedish NGOs, but none of them responded to us. It was very sad to learn that when we really need their help they are not there at all!

We in the west believe in equality, the democratic system, freedom of movement and globalising, but how can we keep all those principals when we are not fair in sharing things in the same world that we live in?

SIDA, the Swedish International Development Co-operation Agency has supported one project in Apa (Ngapa) area. The second earth quake was completely ignored because of the catastrophe in the west which was apparently more important than the one in Tibet, which was very sad, indeed.
Some times SIDA and other help organisations follow the waves of the loud-speaker of the highest propagator of the trumpeting sound.
I hope that in the future they will search for the truth – the facts around the natural catastrophes in the world, and then act.

Earthquake hit in the western and eastern hemispheres of this same earth in 2010