I was very proud and happy to see in Dharamsala and other areas in India that Tibetans are very busy with the election. With little knowledge, but it still is an election.

There are many candidates and it is fun for the Tibetans in exile – that they can feel the freedom of freedom. These candidates are products of western world values and they hardly know about Tibet from the bottom of their hearts; But that does not mean they have no knowledge at all. It is okay, they are Tibetans. Most of the time they mention something about Tibet, yet still they put a lot of time for themselves and the development in exile rather than in Tibet.

The question that comes to mind is, Is this election for the whole of Tibet? If so, then we must choose a person who can do the job and that can cooperate with the PRC, as well as here in the free world. As far as I have learned and seen from these candidates, they do not have enough or full credibility to challenge the coming future. Of course we have the Dalai Lama and as long as he is here, then life goes on and we are comfortable. For the Tibetans it is very good and healthy not to exceed the core value of the democratization when one is still an infant. Children can and will always choose their own parents for the candidates.

Soenam Jamyangling

A New Prime Minister for Tibetans
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