Is it not the criminals and the money hungry that are ruling our societies in the world?

From beginning less time the rich and wealthy people have taken advantage of poor strong criminals for their own use. Despite these criminals having done horrible deeds, still the same trend goes on and on in the 21st. century in a larger and more dangerous scale than ever before in the history of mankind. What can you expect from the criminals? Yes, they will do your job effectively and bring maximum result. When they became slowly free and rich they will turn their backs on their bosses and even exterminate them. That is what is really happening around us and in the world.

These criminals see only material comforts and fame, and the rest, such as value of human beings is useless for them. These criminals are only interested in pleasures and wealth and they do not have any ethics or morals. When they do not have any ethics or morals, they will do anything that is profitable for themselves alone. So we must wake up from our day dream and learn to watch those people/ criminals who are extremely clever in deluding us with many different forms of delusions. They are not working for us wholeheartedly, but they pretend they are doing work for us, yet they make money and names for themselves.

We must look into our past and present history at the so called good leader´s behaviour.

After they have done their work in the government or in the societies, have they become poorer, or richer and well known? Well, the answer to us is very easy. They all become rich and selfish. Do we want these kinds of people to rule our societies and the world? Yes, of course! We let them do it again and again, because we are also stupid and have no self -confidence at all.

In conclusion, if we want to change the society and the bigger world, we must wake up from our day dreaming – or intoxication from the five poisons – ignorance, desire, hatred, jealousy and pride.

If any good leaders can control these poisons, then we will have a completely new world order and there will be true justice for the people. Until then there will not be any justice at all no matter whatever you do or what you believe or create!


Wake up call!

Wake up from a nightmare!