13.000 children who have dreams urgently need your support in Tibet:

The Swedish Tibetan Society for School and Culture ( STSSC ) remarkably completed 108 schools with 108 libraries in Tibet and now the most important project left is to support the 13.000 dreams of the children`s  future. We request and need your love and compassion in action to support them so that they can get a complete education.

There are now more than 1000 students who are attending higher studies and university education both in Tibet and the Mainland of China. The STSSC supports these children.

Without our economic support and concern these children have no future at all. Please kindly think if you were in their situation and share some funds monthly so that you can also feel good that you are helping another human being. They need your action now!

There are many ways to help, but to act with love is the highest support that we can share with each other.

The families of these children are very poor and cannot support the high studies and university educations in Tibet; therefore I request you on behalf of these children and their parents, please kindly extend your hands to support their education.

Without education there is no future for Tibet, and the children are our future!


Please contact to:

Swedish Tibetan Society for School and Culture,

Vivstavarvsvägen 200,

S-122 43 Enskede


Telephone: +46-8-643 49 47 Telefax: +46-8-643 49 17.  Pg 900666-9

Internet: www.tibet-school.org, E-post: info@tibet-school.org


Name & address of bank : SWEDBANK S-105 34 Stockholm

Swift address :     SWEDSESS

Account holder : Swedish Tibetan Society for School & Culture

Within European Union : IBAN Account no.SE0380000838164031120241

Other countries : Account no.(Clearing 83816) 403.112.024-1

We are waiting for your action and concern