Without Ai Wei Wei, what is the use of having a heavenly square in the middle of Beijing, and the bird nest that was created in a peaceful country where there are so many wonderful people who are living together in harmony.

A bird nest without birds, what is it? China, a nation that is rapidly going foreword and will hopefully be the leading nation in the world. But this kind of narrow-mindedness with funny thought processes deducts from her creativity and credibility as a leading nation in the world. What a shame!

I am a good friend of China and I am ashamed of this kind of news that appeared in the world news. It was shocking news and sad for China. Had Mr. Ai Wei Wei not worked as an artist and put time and heart for his country when he was needed at the time of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing?

He is a true citizen of China and he had the highest ranking artist title in his country and abroad. He was a well known artist in the world too. He does not deserve this kind of punishment and discriminating processes in a country which is slowly becoming the biggest and most powerful nation in the world. How can we let him deduct from the credibility of the Chinese Nation that is so slowly marching into a perfect harmony? We must ask questions concerning this matter.

This kind of small incident can lead to a bigger chain reaction and at last one cannot control it at all. Be careful! Do we need this kind of reaction? I hope this will not happen! Please stop this kind of unbalanced attitude toward him and instead take care of him with respect and love and treat him as the highest qualified artist in China. Can this be a good idea for China or not? It is up to the leaders and people of China… I leave it to them!

I have no idea what he has done wrong, but I know him as an exceptional artist in China and in the world. He was one of the creators of the bird nest. Sorry, this is my spontaneous reaction, if I have made a quick judgment on Ai Wei Wei, please forgive me.

Friends of Ai Wei Wei, how can we help Ai Wei Wei and China?!

Mr. Bird nest ( Ai Wei Wei )
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