Long shok, long shok, long shok,


Citizens of the world,

There is extreme injustice around us,

The rich and powerful people,

Who decides everything about our lives?

People have no freedom of speech or freedom of movement,

How can we be so blinded?


Long Shok, long shok, long shok,


The change has come; it must be put into practice,

Unless we do it together we cannot help others or ourselves,

There is hurry, please hurry up, so that the many poor and suffering people in this world can be liberated,

Let`s say LONG SHOK for injustice in this world which is slowly killing our mother earth!

Wake up, wake up, and wake up?!


Long shok, long shok, long shok,


Every 1 out of 100 citizens is rich and greedy and they have full control over the rest of the 99 % of the human beings and environmental issues on this earth.

What is happening to us? Are we dumb and stupid?

The answer is NO!

We have given them the chance again and again so many times, but they never learn from their mistakes.

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