There are so many rivers in the world which plays an important role in their countries, so the rivers that run from Tibet played and still playing very important role in whole world, particularly in Asia. Without these rivers and children of Tibet, the next generation of our kind going to die out.
What kind of world are we expecting?

We therefore must be conscious about the children and care for them and introduce them an excellent understanding of a healthy relation with men and environment. In this way we all will learn to respect the nature and in return nature will care for us for many countless generations yet to come.

The spirit and future of Tibet are the children and rivers, but they deserve a good and a unique care and education that will bring a positive relation with the surrounding countries and the rest of the world. They will also learn and to fight for the most important issue such as on environmental problems that we are facing today in our world.

Therefore I ask you the citizen of this world to kindly support the Swedish Tibetan Society for School and Culture’s wonderful work that they are doing inside Tibet. With help of STSSC, we can save both Tibet and its keeper, the children! You can do it if you really want to support Tibet!

Children and rivers of Tibet are the heart of Asia