The root of these self-sacrifices was started already in 1941-1959, and kept on until around 1987-1988, but at that time it did not involve self-immolation. The motivation and inspiration for this kind of movement started around the year 2008 when the Chinese got the Olympics.

Since then Tibetans living in free countries have started many different activities against the Chinese, because China treated Tibetans living in Tibet so badly. If at that time Dharamsala and Beijing had already come to terms with each other in some kind of an agreement, we could have avoided the self-.immolation movement. Unfortunately the two parties, Dharamsala and Beijing have been beating around the bush with their arrogant behaviour which has resulted in this kind of human tragedy; so many young people have lost their lives!

Cannot China and Dharamsala learn something from this terror and hurry up with the dialogue? I have said it already in 1988 and I say it again – unless China willingly cooperates with the Centre Tibetan Administration in Dharamsala and solves this issue soon, there will be more nightmares and bloodshed. If neither side is capable of putting aside their arrogant attitude, bringing about a quick dialogue and settling the situation, then my team is willing to help you if you need us. At least I am a Tibetan who believes in a solution. Nothing is impossible if you give a third party the chance to solve your interest. We are waiting…. and we can help!

Why self-immolations in Tibet?
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