Hitler ruled Germany and under his authority so many millions of people lost their lives and there was so much suffering in the western hemi-sphere. New Germans have not accepted the cruelty introduced by Hitler and they have now a new and healthy society which has excellent international contacts in the whole world. We do not see any photos or statues of Hitler on any walls or in any public places in Germany.

But curiously we do find a huge photo of Mao hanging at the Tiananmen Square and statues of him in some of the big cities in China. I and other people who come from the west have very great difficulty in under-standing the wisdom of putting up a portrait of MaoTsetung who tortured and killed millions of Chinese and other minorities under his authority during the culture revolution between 1966 – 1976.

There are so many other good leaders in China who are worth putting up on the wall if they want to have a good and healthy face in the international arena. I have been to China many times, but never visited the Mao Tsetung mausoleum. If you ask me why not, then my answer is because my dearest mother was tortured and killed under the direction of Mao.

I hope there will be a portrait of some better leaders, such as Deng Xiaoping, Hu Jintao or Karl Max. If I have insulted my Chinese people, please forgive me. It is just an expression of mine… that is all!

Is there any similarity between Mao and Hitler?