In short I have these following questions:

Who is this man and where does he come from?
I have heard that he comes from a poor Tibetan family and he lived with his family in a Tibetan settlement called Sonada, in India. He received his basic education from India and then this so called terrorist got an opportunity to study in U.S.A.

He must be a brilliant scholar for he got a complete education at the Harvard University and most of the Tibetans elected him as their Prime Minister and H.H. the Dalai Lama transferred all his power to this young man. These are his qualifications.

So where did we get this idea of calling this clever young man a terrorist?
Of course this must have spontaneously come from the PRC, or perhaps it could have come from a person who does not like him. The fact is that he is the Prime Minister of Tibetans in India and abroad, therefore I think it is a bit too early to call him a “terrorist”, when he at present he does not act like one.

Now he became so famous after he received this nick-name and he has already received an award for it from a European country. No matter whatever or whoever he is, should we not give him a chance to show what he can contribute as a solution for the Tibetans and for the People’s Republic of China?

I hope both sides can consider my suggestions for the benefit of their country.

Soenam Jamyangling

Is Dr. Lobsang Sangay a terrorist, or…?