China had already launched to the Roof of the World (Tibet) in 1951 and now the Chinese are launching or have launched into space with one female and two men. What a historical moment for China! I congratulate China on their victory. Space is infinite and so is the Chinese mind.

My question is: When is China going to control the whole world?
Nothing is impossible, they can do it! We hope this will bring peace and harmony in our world where we live and maybe we should all learn to speak Chinese and eat Chinese.

What about the land of freedom, the United States of America?
Will they be able to challenge the land of dragon that is in motion all the time?

I hope that together they make the world a better place, even if they have some differences in their policies. We hope their goal is based on love and compassion, so that all the citizens of the world can enjoy their hard work, costs and dedication such as sending astronauts to the space.

China on the summit of the universe