What a comfortable life they will have when they are no longer the special envoys of His Holiness the 14th, Dalai Lama. Good Luck!, but…..

..what I do not understand is why they both resigned from their posts when they were most needed to support the new Prime Minister? Are they both very arrogant and do not want to help the new administration of Tibetans in exile? My questions to them is : Have they been working for Tibet for so many years or only for His Holiness?

It was rather a sad story when Dalai Lama resigned from his post and kindly handed over all the responsibility to a young man educated at the Harvard University, and who needs all the help that he can get. Despite the transmission of power the special envoys had received, both resigned from their posts, something which I think was irresponsible and careless toward the people of Tibet and almost an insult to the Dalai Lama. This kind of act can be a tiny corner of the main factors that has caused the present situation in Tibet. But if they had stayed a little bit longer at their posts they might have helped avoid the self-immolations. I am not blaming them at all that they created the self-immolations, but the funny thing about cause and effect…. the depressing situation under the Chinese and their resignation suddenly out of blue, maybe these together created the chaos?!

In any case, many innocent young men and women lost their lives for our cause and the distance to a dialogue is now very far away from reality. We are now in a state of vacuum and in an extremely difficult situation. How long should we keep on with this terrible situation, letting innocent Tibetans suffer continuously in Tibet under the two giant gorillas, China and the Central Tibetan Administration? For how long and how many innocent Tibetans have to be sacrificed in order to satisfy the two giants? Can you not stop now and kindly think it over and go back to your respective posts and start a platform for a reasonable dialogue that will bring maximum benefit for both sides?
I think our Prime Minister made a mistake in so easily letting go of those two great politicians, Mr. Gyari and Kalsang.

I think it is time for them to return to their posts and start afresh with their useful, meaningful, responsible jobs once again. I think you can do it, everything has its own time. Do not play with fire!

What a disappointment, the two special specialists?