Could she be the manifestation of Tara ( Dolma ) from the Roof of the World?

In any case, a young 21 year old Choeyang Kyi ( Queyang ) bronze medal holder of the Olympic Games represented many millions of Tibetan women in Tibet. All the Tibetans living in and outside of Tibet congratulated her for her victory and the Chinese brothers and sisters did the same. We were so proud of her, but one thing that we should not forget about is her hard work and determination in getting to the top. We must learn something from this energetic young lady, who really fought for what she believed in and at last reached her goal.

Today I congratulate her whole heartedly for her victory!

Most of the Tibetan young boys and girls today are not so interested in competing in sports, nor have the older generations been involved in sports either. But thanks to Miss. Choeyang Kyi we got a new window of perspective and possibilities where we can look for a new direction to educate and direct our young ones in the field of sports, so that we will have many manifestations of Miss.Choeyang Kyi in the near future.
I particularly express my thanks to Miss. Choeyang for showing us this new possibility and a new way of fighting for our common cause, which is a very healthy fight indeed!

Could she be…