The absolute mind itself is infinite.
So is the space above us.
Both aspects are extremely incredible.
Suppose if we have this kind of nature within us.

What shall we do?

Shall we be selfish, or should we do something good for man and the environment, for this excellent co-existence.

Most of the time we are all lost in our ego-mind and we forget that we are more than this tiny body,
How sad it is if we discover too late that we are the source of those two incredible natures that I have mentioned above,

Through meditation you can practically taste and experience what you have not understood intellectually. The true realization of the natural state of mind develops in you without making it, or examines and adding any extra to it. Absolutely it is born from within. If you examine and analyze it naturally again and again, without sorting it in or out, then true wisdom (yeshi) will just come out like a light from a window.

When you discovered this important incredible element through meditation then so-called true love and compassion toward all the beings is slowly born within you without any discrimination. When you have this realization it is the most powerful weapon that you can have in this universe. The weapon of love and compassion for all! Only then can you truly help others.

Meditate and discover yourself before you do anything else!

The power of love and compassion