It seems that there are no differences between them, because both destroy their precious human bodies, which is very sad, and they both are in a depressing situation.

But if you look very carefully and examine the acts of both sides, then there are huge differences:

  • Let us look at the act of the self-suicide bombers. They have their own aim and object and they are mostly well organized by a group or an organization. And their motive is very clear: to get their message through by taking the lives of many innocent people with them and they do it so that they get his/her award when they get to the promised paradise.
  •  Now let us look at self-immolation. They have their own aim and object and they mostly do it alone to benefit many other human beings instead of taking the lives of innocent human beings with them, and they do it so that their people can meet their leader. Also their wishes are to free their people from ignorance and suffering. They have realized their bodies and minds are two different entities, therefore they make their present body an offering for the world peace, like a candle in a church or in a temple room. They are also desperately crying out for freedom for the majority of their people.

Nevertheless, it is extremely sad some human beings are forced to act and to take to such extreme measures, such as self – immolation and self – suicide bombing. I am not at all a brave person therefore I would like to request to the people who make these kinds of sacrifices: Please kindly stop your act so that you can have a nice long life with your families and friends. To the oppressors I kindly request: Stop all the acts that you yourself cannot tolerate and do not like!

Differences between Self Immolations and Self-suicide bombings?