Mr. Xi Jinping, 59 year old leader, received his leadership education through hardship with people and for the people in Shoanxi Province. I think he knows very well the lives of the majority of the ordinary Chinese people living in the countryside and he also knows that they do not have the same possibilities as the city people. There is absolutely no justice so far for ordinary people in the country.
There is a big gap between rich and poor.

However, he was a humble and reasonable person when he lived in the village; we hope he will bring some good changes for the people of the whole of China.

China has everything and she has reached maximum material development, but now she needs only to develop the Human Rights issues a little bit and give some freedom for the people `with Chinese touch´. He was born and lived with ordinary people, and his beautiful wife Mrs. Peng Liyuan was a compassionate lady liked by the Chinese people. His wife was very popular among the Chinese people and she made so many millions Chinese happy in good time and in bad times. She also did good service for those people who suffered from HIV/AIDS in China.

They are the most perfect couple in whole China, and they can represent the China in the world and together, with the help of six leaders in Beijing can hopefully bring peace and stability in whole China and create an atmosphere of peace in the world.

At last I wish to congratulation you with Tashi Delek, and please, I kindly request you Mr. Xi Jinping to solve the Tibet issues before it become too much. You can solve it with your intelligent mind.

A new great leader is born from a remote village