What really went on behind the black curtains?

The son of the late Ngapo Ngawang Jigme, Jigme Ngapo, was suddenly “sacked” from Radio Free Asia. Nobody has any idea or clear information about why and how he was “sacked” from his job. We cannot, and should not, forget that we are a young democratic society in exile and that we have an obligation toward our people. Therefore we cannot allow people with big muscles to fire someone without examining his case according to the law.

Jigme Ngapo left Tibet with good intensions to help his people living abroad. He is a good and sincere human being like his relatives living in Tibet; his brothers are doing social work and helping our people in Tibet. Jigme Ngapo worked for many years at RFA yet he was forced to resign from his important position. He is not just anybody; he received excellent education both in China and abroad. He knows both western and Chinese culture and perhaps he is the only one who can deal with the Chinese. Therefore we need him for the dialogue between Beijing and Dharamsala. My question is: can we get a better public servant for RFA and Central Tibetan Administration than Jigme Ngapo?

A good leader is as difficult to find as a daylight star. There are many hungry leaders who hide everything behind the curtain in order to achieve his or her egoistic goals and those kinds of leaders will not help our cause. We must find a director for RFA who has vision and the capability to see the bigger picture. We cannot let our democratic administration be destroyed by invisible piranhas, or?

The disputes around Jigme Ngapo point to the involvement of leaders and this must be cleared up by our Prime Minister Lobsang Sangay for the people, especially for the staff of RFA. I think Lobsang Sangay must do this, if he is the leader of CTA. When this is done we should ask Jigme Ngapo to work for CTA because we need such a person to negotiate with the PRC. Finally we should sympathize with Jigme Ngapo for what he went through after all those years of service to us. A good leader deserves a proper goodbye with a white khata. Are we not children of Buddha with good hearts?

Was Jigme Ngapo eaten by a piranha?