When the world is rocking, must we not learn to target in on Tibet?
Is our goal like shooting an arrow at a target in a dark room? No. I do not think so.
I think our targets are the following:

To remember Tibet.

To think and dream about Tibet.

Visualize the smell of Tibet and her beautiful flowers that are growing on mountains, waiting for us.


Tsampa and butter tea, the best food for us…

Our brothers, sisters and parents, who are waiting for us…

The mountains and rivers from the Himalayas, our life streams.

The beautiful blue clouds and cranes flying in the sky, our messengers.

Concentrating on going home (to Tibet) is our mission…

To build up your own country, instead of building houses and kingdoms in other countries which is not our mission.

Going home is our aim and objective.

Living abroad is good, but it is better to go back to Tibet when the day comes.

You are Tsampa-eaters and butter tea drinkers. You can never forget your country.

Did you really put your time and energy into building up your country? If not, then start now!

If you have the motivation to go home, you will do anything to get what you want.

You cannot put so much time into building up other countries, when we need your help.

You cannot blame the Chinese only, but learn to look at your own mind.

Ask yourself how much time and energy you are putting for Tibet?

If you want your country back, please concentrate and do things right!

It is no use that you just shout, only for INDEPENDENCE, when you have hardly any means to get it.

Common sense and hope is the only solution for our case.

To create a platform and to provide a facilitation can be useful for a dialogue.

What are we targeting?