Recently and unfortunately a Tibetan lama named Akong Rinpoche from Scotland was murdered along with his two assistants in the city of Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan, China.

According to information from various sources, he was murdered by a person that he knew since a long time ago. Apparently it was due to unsolved financial issues between the two. However, as to whether all this information is absolutely correct or not, I myself have some doubts.
I knew this wonderful compassionate human being since 1960 and I have always appreciated all his infinitely valuable work that he has established in Tibet. Maybe he is the only lama from abroad who really cared and dedicated all his time and energy to support his people in Tibet.
I was extremely sad and at the same time angry that we have lost him, the only lama who had done something concrete for all the Tibetans living in Tibet, without any discrimination.

The majority of the people in Tibet liked him and appreciated his noble work and how he skillfully balanced the whole situation. I think he was indirectly assassinated by his narrow minded enemies, which is unfortunate and a great lost for those people who need his support in the entire country of Tibet.

Akong Rinpoche is not with us now, which is again…a great loss for all Tibetans, but his inspiration and motivation to help our people in Tibet will carry on forever. Thank you Rinpoche for being with us through both good and bad times. You will always be remembered by us. Thank you!

The Golden Man of Tibet